Ask an Herbalist: Adrenal Gland Support

Silvia Asks:


Adrenal Fatigue, hypothyroidism


Dearest April,


I am 48 years old. Over the past 3 years, I have gained 30 pounds, I have been so so tired... I show signs of adrenal fatigue, dehydration, foggy brain and chronic exhaustion. I would love to regain optimum health. Is there anything you would recommend or suggest Please? I'm desperate. Thank you,




Hello Silvia,


There are quite a few things that we can do here they're going to be so easy it's mind-blowing! okay we're going to address your adrenal fatigue, dehydration, foggy brain, and chronic exhaustion all with one plant Ally!


Stinging nettle needs to be your best friend right now and forever until the end of time haha!


But seriously Stinging Nettle infusions dranken daily are amazing at supporting our adrenal functions especially when they've been burned out, giving us true energy and rebuilding stamina unlike supplements like caffeine Etc. This comes back  full circle, helping with your chronic exhaustion. I have no doubt that your foggy brain comes from just being chronically tired all the time. When you start drinking two cups even up to a quart of this infusion a day do you won’t really need to worry about dehydration.


In reality people are terrified of dehydration because it was a marketing scheme by bottled water companies, soda companies all that stuff. Really you don't become dehydrated unless you are stuck in a remote situation or deep in the desert with no access to water. As long as you're drinking when you're thirsty you're not going to actually become dehydrated. People have been actually hurting themselves over the past decade attempting to remain crazy hydrated as it really taxes our kidneys. so if you're drinking a quart of liquid a day that's just four measure cups you're just fine.


Although if you are finding yourself feeling excessively thirsty all the time like you just cannot quench your thirst I'd really like to have you check out your blood sugar levels and see if you're dancing with a bit of prediabetes or the like. that's always something to be mindful of especially if we've been gaining weight.


And although you've been gaining way I'm going to tell you to make sure that you have a good amount of healthy animal fats in your diet. From grass-fed options would be the best. Even just adding two cups of plain yogurt whole milk yogurt to your diet daily or do your  help good. not to mention your digestion. This does wonders for our adrenals and every other part of our bodies!


Here is a link to a quick video I made on how to make herbal infusions they're basically just long brewed tea and it's so easy to do there’s no reason to be intimidated at all! You just need to buy yourself some bulk  stinging nettle leaf and you can find those at places like frontier herbals or Mountain Rose Herbs and buy at least a half a pound because you're going to be using one ounce at a  time and that gets used up quickly.


It will take a little while but I'm telling you two months or so into drinking 2 even 4 cups of nettle infusion a day will change your life.


Here is a link to an article from Susun Weed about the amazing healing ability of nourishing herbal infusions for Optimum Health. Also there are some other ideas in there for herbs that you could use one at a time for making these infusions.


I really hope you find some help in here hun!


Kindest regards,

April Graham




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