Ask an Herbalist: Menopause & Anxiety

Julie asks:


Hi April,

My name is Julie.I'm 56 yrs. old.I am in menopause and have never felt so disconnected from myself.I took hormone replacement for a while but I have been off of it for several months.I have always suffered from anxiety and panic from being sexually abused as a child and I felt like I had it under control until menopause kicked it and now it's back.I have insomnia because my mind will not shut down.What do you recommend and thank you for doing what you do.Thank you!!




Hello Julie,


There's quite a bit going on here so I'm just going to put some gentle suggestions out. But to be clear I am just in the beginning stages of menopause but this will be my main game plan when I get further in. I'm going to make sure that I'm eating plenty of healthy animal fats. I know that I basically tell everybody the same thing, well that's because it's so needed in a society that has been sold the gimmick of fake fats made out of plants and other not so good for us things. Not to say that plants aren’t good for us but the oils that come out of them can do more harm than good at times. Just like no plant can replace the health benefits of grass-fed butter, our few cups of whole fat plain yogurt daily, or whole milk as long as these things are grass-fed including bone broth, cheeses, all varieties of meat they are good for our health and especially menopausal women.


Also be sure that you are eating a really good amount of vegetables too, basically it's important to have a varied diet and it's important that your vegetables be cooked very low and slow to break down there tough cell membrane so you can actually digest nutrition that's in them.


Basically when we make sure that our bodies are functioning with Optimum Nutrition we are going to feel better and this is really going to help with our anxiety too. I would look into doing nourishing herbal infusions of stinging nettle, oat-straw, common garden comfrey, kelp is a real big one here and red clover. You do them in cycles so you're drinking like two cups of infusion a day and there's four cups to a quart so you can drink two cups of one type for two days and then switch to the next and just go in a big circle until you reach the first one and just start over again. No need to be intimidated this is super crazy simple and you can follow this link here to a really short video that I made that will show you how easy it is.


Okay I also want you to get this book it should be in every single woman's home especially as we get into our early thirties and beyond about dealing with menopausal years by Susun Weed. Of course none of this is going to heal your trauma but it really might put you on a path of self-care, self-discovery, and allowing yourself to be fucking angry about the shit that happened allowing yourself to let it out so you have room to bring joy in.


I do really hope that's some of this helps you on your way dear.


Kindest regards,

April Graham


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