Ask An Herbalist: Collagen Disorder and feeling less than

Anastasia asks,


Beautiful soul, been following your IG account and my heart resonates with your sharings. Thank you for being a brave heart in this world.

My body, after birthing my only child, a son, at age 35 fell apart, I felt like humpty dumpty. A couple years after I found out I have a disorder where my body does not process collagen in the right way, so my ligaments and tendons fail to perform as they need to. Joints and bones fall out of place easily. And a host of other diagreeable things such a veins pop out, agressive cellulite, bad scarring...
And I am now 41, been living a healthy life, practicing serious yoga and inquiry for 20 years, but yet, my mind makes me feel as though I am less than others.
Of course I can continue on with my life story, but I will leave this with you.
I have recently started making an oat and rose hip tea in the evening that seeps all night and I drink it in the morning. That is my foray into herbal medicine as of now. I do microdose cannibas in a smokng form also, this seems to help with the feeling of less than. But not sure I want to rely on this form, as it is not legal here in PA.

Thank you again for sharing your heart in this world!!!



Hello Anastasia,

First off let me start by saying that I absolutely love your name 💜 

The next thing that I want to tell to you is that it's okay to not be okay all the time .

That when we begin to look at our dis-ease not as an ailment but as the actual medicine we need we can rapidly find acceptance and healing to our situation . 


I know that that sounds absolutely crazy but I promise I speak from experience. When I accepted a sincerely challenging illness was just going to have to be coexisted in and stopped beating myself up for having limits things changed rapidly.


When I think of ligaments and collagen and joints in all these bits and pieces that are giving you challenges I wonder if you're being stretched out beyond your ability.

Like are you giving too much of yourself to others? Saying yes when you really mean no or are simply conditioned to say yes without even thinking?

We know this is really easy to do especially with children, and so in my mind that just connected because this all began happening to you after you became a mother.


Those are just some thoughts that I felt like I should get out here, something for you to digest maybe.

But there for sure some things that you may want to try to help your body heal or learn to live with this dis-ease.

Our beautiful plant ally Comfrey is the healer of all things joints, tendons, mucous membranes, bones anything along these lines she is pretty amazing for.

I've seen people use her to heal cartilage in knees, torn shoulders, broken bones, ligament issues and beyond. She is often referred to as knit bone or stitch cartilage by folk herbalist.


So I would look into nourishing herbal infusions drank daily beginning with hybrid comfrey a lot of people get nervous about using comfrey internally but here is a link from Susun Weed that clears up a lot of this confusion.

Then I would also start drinking stinging Nettle infusion it's going to really help us get our energy back and not just from stimulation like caffeine does here I'm talking about real energy from Optimum Nutrition that Nettle has to offer. Here is a link to a video on how to make herbal infusions. Basically it's just boiling hot water dumped over an ounce of herb place in a mason jar, cap and let the sit for 4 hours or over night, strain and drink a cup or more a day that's it!

You keep up with drinking a cup or more of herbal infusions every day for 6 weeks and I bet you that your body will feel different. Most people are blown away with how they feel in 6 months of drinking infusions daily!

I really feel like not only would this benefit your mental state and physical state just from the large amount of nutrition that nourishing herbal infusions contain but as humans we really crave ritual, it might seem silly that pouring boiling water over some plant material would be considered ritual. But the cycle of feeling worthy, worthy enough to do this everyday for our body is a powerful ritual.


Before we know it we're working in all other kinds of ways to practice self-care that really leads us to not only feeling better physically but feeling better about ourselves mentally.

I really hope some of this was helpful dear, thank you so much for reaching out.

Kindest regards,










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