Ask An Herbalist: Blue Elderberry during pregnancy.

Ashley asks,


What's your thoughts on ingesting blue elderberry(sambucus cerulea) during pregnancy? I'm sick and would love relief/comfort from the great elder shrub. Thank you.



Hello Ashley,

I personally would feel comfortable using Elderberry during pregnancy as long as a few rules were followed . 

 I would make sure that my Elderberries were fully cooked before ingestion and i would make sure not to ingest the seeds. I would also make sure that I didn't use any unripe berries in any preparation being made and that my berries where free of little stem bits or any leaf pieces.

Now if you were to make a tincture the alcohol extraction process counts as cooking and the berries/seeds get strained out anyhow. Dehydrating or drying them counts as cooking too, so if you have some dried berries to brew tea out of that's perfectly fine just make sure you strain it well before drinking. I would simmer them for 20-30 mins on low as well.

Blue Elderberry somewhat like Echinacea is an immune boosting herbal ally so it's important to note that if you maybe have an autoimmune disorder Elderberry or anything that increases the immune systems function should be avoided so you don't help your immune system attack your body further.

There are some studies that say the flu makes a pregnant body over react with immunities so if you are battling the flu you may not need to increase your immune system further. Because I mean this puts our bodies under stress, we can only amp up our white blood cell count so much before it actually does damage.

This is kinda why herbal allies are best as preventatives, so a single cup of elder tea a day may help us not get the flu or other viruses with no real risk of harm. But trying to use it during a flu may* put us at risk kinda deal via overworking our bodies that are already in overdrive creating a little human.

When I was pregnant with my two children  I certainly felt comfortable having a glass of Elderberry tea now and then and maybe a few extra while I was fighting off a cold.

I hope that some of this was of help to you!

Kindest regards,










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