Ask an herbalist: Absent Period & the use of Chamomile

Ashley Asks:

Hi... i read online that chamomile is really good for vaginal health. I would steep the fresh herbs in a bath or rinse my vagina with the water from the tea bags. I see some amazing results BUT my period has been missing in action for two months. I have went to doctors and they think I’m making this up or just plain crazy. On May 10 my cycle was expected to start but i didn’t see anything until the 15th. It was a few spots everyday for a few days. On June 1 i spotted again for just a day this time and now I’m in the clear. My cycle was expected to start today June 4 but i feel all the other symtoms (fatigue, hunger, mood swings) BUT NO CYCLE. I have went to the doc three times over the course of this month, have taken at least 20 pregnancy tests and all negative. Even the blood pregnancy test was negative so I know I’m not pregnant. Please tell me the Chamomile is doing something funky to my body, for i am simply going crazy. 



Hello dear, 

First let me say a few things, you are not going crazy and in no way shape or form does what's going on have anything to do with chamomile. She simply does not have the properties to stop a menstrual cycle and fact she's the opposite and can be used to help sync up a cycle.


All of that aside the chamomile found in tea bags sold in stores is extremely weak because it's generally been sitting for a very long time and the amount in the tea bags is extremely trivial. Like to the point that majority of the time the only thing we are getting is the flavor of chamomile and that in itself is still not very true compared to fresher higher quality larger amounts.

 A few things I don't know here that would be of help is your age, the amount of stress you're currently going through our what your diet is like those things would all be helpful to know but I'll just cover all of these just in case and it'll be good info for anybody else reading.

Did you know that women slowly begin to cycle into menopause between the ages of 25 and 30? This doesn't mean that we suddenly stop bleeding by any means but missing cycles and simply spotting can be a huge indicator that we are further along in this journey than we realize especially if you are past the age of 30.

I am 33 and went from bleeding for 7-8 days to now for the past year only bleeding heavily for 1-2 days a month. That is menopause.  

How stressed out are you? Stress can have an extreme effect on our body and delay menstruation significantly. This can be anything from emotional stress to physical stress for example women who exercise excessively such as marathon runners just to give one example often no longer have a cycle or are very sporadic ones at that because they are pushing their bodies extremely.

What is your diet like? Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Are you on a very strict and restrictive diet were you don't allow yourself to eat a varied amount of foods? Our bodies genuinely need healthy animal fats and proteins to have the spare energy it takes every month to bleed. Also if you are any of the above and let's say you don't cook your vegetables thoroughly and even worse maybe you're on a raw diet this would definitely be linked to why your body does not have the ability to bleed and is an extremely common symptom of such diets. Cooking our vegetables fully for no less than an hour is critical for breaking down the cellular structure of the plant so our body can access/digest the nutrients that are found within the cells.

Have you been on birth control for an extremely prolonged time frame? Getting off of birth control can cause our cycle to be erratic and when we are on birth control we never actually have a true cycle and prolonged use can cause symptoms such as these.

If I was in this situation I would be making sure that my diet was not extremely restrictive and included healthy animal fats such as grass-fed butter, whole fat plain milk yogurt, Cheese's, eggs and grass-fed Meats so on so forth.

I would evaluate my life and see how stressed out I am and see what I can do about relieving some pressure from myself including worrying about not bleeding.

I would hop onto Amazon and by Susun weeds book the new menopausal years and read it from front to back especially if you are in your 30s because even if menopause isn't what's going on here this is information that you need to know that most doctors are ignorant about.

I would be making sure to drink nourishing herbal infusions every single day! Which is basically where we put 1 oz of safe simple herb such as nettle into a quart jar pour boiling water over the top cap and allow to sit until the next day chill and drink. I would also add to my daily rotation of nourishing herbal infusions red raspberry leaf, red clover, Linden and comfrey. You can find a lot of info on nourishing herbal infusions by checking out a saved story in my Instagram bio that shows you how to make them and everything and definitely Google Susun Weed nourishing herbal infusions!


I hope some of this gave you a few ideas of what direction to go in  and also just to say again I absolutely promise  that chamomile  has nothing to do with your current situation 💕 


Kindest regards ,  



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