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Sandra asks,

I am so glad I found you via instagram. I already ordered a few things and the uplifting oil safed my life in no time since we don’t get a lot of sunlight these days. Thank you so much!

My first problem is. I am suffering soooo hard from my sweaty hands. They are just dripping wet when there is even just a hint of Stress for me. When I try to make a phone call every layer of my sketchbook is superwet and I am
Not even the anxcioust person or such.
I tried literally everything. I even got my hands into a electricity thingy treatment. NOTHING EVER HELPED.
This is ridiculous! I am not able to shake someone’s hand.

Second problem:
I am a lot into pain regarding my migraines. When this happens I am usually sitting on the floor not being able to talk or move. Puking all over my stuff. This isn’t fun. I bought your saint johns tincture but didn’t had a chance to try it since I just got it today.
Any recommendations?

Is there something I could do? Please help.

Much love!


Hello Sandra, 

It sounds like you may be living with Palmar hyperhidrosis.   Which is basically fancy talk for folks who have overactive sweat glands in their hands. Some people have wet hands all the time some people like yourself get triggered by stress. But I'm for sure not a Dr and this is not a diagnosis so this is something you'll want to discuss with one 😉

But if i saw a Dr and he told me this is what's going on there are a few things I may try out:

Most research suggests that this condition  may be caused by hyperactive sympathetic nervous system .  Which is basically the thing in your body that makes you have stress responses, fight or flight responses, Goosebumps  things like that  so my first step would personally be to begin nourishing my nervous system  with nourishing herbal infusions ! 

Oat straw infusion is fantastic at not only helping us remain calm but nourishing and tone our nervous system. Not to mention it has loads of calcium that's accessible to our bodies. Think health benefits of oatmeal x 100!

Sometimes we're having excessive anxiety and we don't even realize it like we are just stuck in a state of panic and it just becomes our normal so we don't even realize that we are panicking until it's spikes, but your body sure does. 


So the next thing I would consider is adding in another nourishing herbal infusion which would be stinging Nettle , because this Ally not only heals us with sincere nutrition she supports our thyroids/adrenals and this really helps reduce stress.


She's a life changer for people dealing with anxiety especially if we're caught in a cycle of depleting our adrenaline glands with stress, worry, caffeine and anxiety. We get caught in this horrible loop of depletion  and the more depleted we are the more anxiety we have. Also it's important to remember our bodies can have anxiety attacks without our minds joining in. I.E hands pouring out sweat.

But another thing about her is that she is an astringent, and this means to dry out. Not like it's going to dry you out but it kind of just tightens all of your blood vessels up in a good way, she is amazing for people who have like hemorrhoids and things like that but also it might help dry out what's going on in your hands.

But allow herbal infusions time to work. Drink them every day for three months and i promise you will see lots of changes for good in all areas of your body and mind💜 

I see from a little bit of research that people do sometimes have good success from soaking their hands in teas that are high in astringents/tannins because it shrinks the pours in your hands which may reduce sweating. Some astringent herbs are Yarrow, Rose, Blackberry root and leaf, White Oak, Green and Black Tea, Witch Hazel, Willow,Peppermint, Rosemary, Ginger and a ton more! 

But one herbal ally i really feel may outshine the ones above is culinary Sage both soaking your hands in an drinking her as a tea (not infusion). 

I hope some of this was helpful! 


As far as your headaches go check out this video reply I made for a gal who is also suffering by clicking here 💜

Kindest regards, 







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