Ask an Herbalist: Autism & Yeast Overgrowth

Chantel Asks:

My son has been diagnosed with autism. He is extremely hyper, at times to be not focused or concrete... He seems at times like his brain can’t process information... At times I wonder if its yeast. As an infant he had serious serious with yeast...


How can I treat yeast in his body in a holistic way that is natural ?



Hello Chantel,


Autism is a tricky one there are so many speculated causes, really I think it's just a combination of all sorts of things. Basically a perfect storm of chemicals heavy metals and just the way our society is in general. But if you suspect that it's yeast the best way to control yeast in our bodies when it becomes imbalance is to add in the missing healthy bacteria. The thing is is that yeast is supposed to be in our body but since it's the easiest one that grows when we have an imbalance of other bacteria like let's say we're taking antibiotics or anything like that that kills off sensitive gut bacteria yeast is the first thing to come in and soldier forward and fill the gaps basically.


So what I would do if I or my children were battling  with yeast is up the healthy bacteria in my diet. I would add in one to two cups of plain yogurt everyday. I would cut back on the sugars that do feed the yeast, I would start eating truly fermented foods you can even buy something like Bubbies pickles from most Whole Food Markets or anything like that and just get him to eat half a truly fermented pickle a day and the amount of real probiotics that would get back into his system would be astounding.


A lot of people like to take over-the-counter probiotics for this but we know that they're mostly  useless because they can't live up to the digestion process of our guts. But you can also get creative and jump into the world of fermented food at home, it's really easy and fun too!


Just be sure that if you start him out on a fermented food diet that you go very slowly. Because as we introduce these missing bacterias into our bodies they kill off the bad bacteria as well as the overgrowth of yeast and they cause something called die off. Which is basically where we start to feel like we have the flu because so much bad stuff is dying in our body at once. So you just go really slow you know a little bit of a fermented pickle today maybe a little bit of milk kefir tomorrow but just introduced one thing slowly at a time  in small amounts and you will avoid die off.


But there are a few other things that I've seen work pretty well for folks with autism including youth and adults. Getting optimal nutrition it's so vital, loading ourselves down with healthy animal fats from sources such as bone broth, grass-fed butter, ghee, plain whole fat yogurt, grass-fed Meats especially fatty cuts, Cheese's of all kinds, basically anything grass-fed and  raised ethically is going to do wonders to build up Optimum Nutrition.


I would also look into doing nourishing herbal infusions of oat straw which is a great nervine and helps us gently calm ourselves and it's also full of amazing nutrients. you could also look into stinging nettle infusion but that does tend to give energy but true energy but sometimes we're hyper because we're lacking in nutrition. And this isn't to say that you haven't been feeding him well or anything like that it's just a symptom of the way our food in our country and a lot of countries is produced now it does not have nutrition that it once had and if you find him to be a picky eater like a many autistic children it's kind of hard to make sure that they're getting everything they need.


Another thing to remember is to cook all of your vegetables extremely well. the cell membrane of vegetables is what needs to be broken down in order to extract the nutrition from our food during digestion but our guts just aren't up to the task so when we cook our vegetables very well that tough cell membrane breaks down and the nutrients are readily available. It's the opposite for meat you know how meat is soft before we cook it and it can toughen up when we do that's because of cell membranes are now toughening but since we can't eat alot of our meats raw clearly for health reasons it's important to cook them really well too basically to the point where the toughened cell membranes from cooking break down again so think Crock-Pot long cooked meals,  Pot Roast and stews that are simmering all day.


Well I hope that you're able to find some help in this for your amazing little boy.


Kindest regards,

April G.





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