Ask An Herbalist: Red Blotches On Skin

Anissa asks,

Hello! I have two blotches on my sternum...sort of on the edge of my right breast. I first noticed this in 2009 and my dr had no diagnosis and told me not to worry. I just realized that the second blotch is growing quite rapidly and I am not sure which herbs might help. The blotches do not itch, the skin is not raised and they aren't always red... sometimes they just look like a more tanned area. I'd be very grateful for your guidance but also respect your need to set boundaries and not answer every question as well! Many thanks for keeping this tradition of Plant Magic alive.

Hello Anissa!

Well first I'd just like to say that if the Dr you saw was not a dermatologist I'd be really happy if you made an appointment with one. Not meaning to put fear into you or anything hun, it's just that any time skin discoloration spreads it's vital to get it checked out as certain types of skin cancer spread like wild fire so catching it early is vital. If it was a dermatologist please get back in touch to let them know it is suddenly spreading.

Okay all of that aside here are some things you can try that are simple and safe.

Make/find yourself some violet leaf/bloom oil! It is fantastic at healing skin ailments especially rashes and growths on the skin. If you do make some i'd love for you to use avocado oil to infuse it in as it's just full of super fatty acids that are going to help feed your skin and pull the healing properties down further as your skin drinks it in.

The next would be plantain (the weed not the banana haha) she is such a gentle yet powerful healer of the people and is quietly waiting to be seen in almost every patch of grass in the world. There are several kinds but no worries all are safe all are equal in their ability to heal. A simple oil or plantain salve can calm basically any rash you can think of.

Next I would consider a Comfrey leaf salve. Her ability to stimulate skin cell regeneration would likely really shine here! 

Also maybe consider if perhaps your bra (assuming you wear one) may be causing an allergic reaction or at the very least is adding to the irritation. Now i know we can't (well I mean we can if we feel comfortable enough) go without a bra to work and such but maybe look into investing in a bra made out of organic materials and even forgo the underwire if possible. Now I don't think this would be a fix for the situation but may help stop some possible irritation.

So i'd say to jump into learning a bit about the herbs discussed and choose to work with whichever calls to you the most!

I sure hope this gives you a bit of info to work with! 

Kindest Regards,

April G.

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