April 2018 Photo/Story Medicine Challenge 

Thank you for your help in choosing the March winner! Below you will see the story medicine that spoke to the community the loudest! Stay Tuned for the May challenge!

Below you will see beautiful story medicine that encourages us all to step onto the path of the safe simple Wise Woman way. Where we take the time needed to slowly get to know our herbal allies and what they can do for us on deeper levels. 

Each month I humbly ask my fellow Demystify Your Medicine coven members to join me in these quests. Not only do they serve to help us remember knowledge forgotten they help others as they bare witness. We then ask you the larger community to join us in picking the entry that speaks to you the loudest! 

The coven member with the most hearts is rewarded with safe simple offerings from my shop updates. But we are all rewarded in reclaiming peoples medicine ways! 

To vote for an entry Please "Like" the individual post. Also because conversation is true story medicine if you feel comfortable doing so perhaps talk in the comment section as to why the entry you chose spoke to you personally! 

We politely request you only "Like" one entry at a time. While I understand we may be moved by multiple stories we can still show admiration and support on other posts by leaving kind words in the coven members specific comment section instead of giving double likes. Thank you for being understanding!

This month theme is: 🌱The Spring Hunt🌱

I want to see you seeking out plant allies & discovering them!

I want you to share your experience of joy when you find one, sadness when you fail, determination when you get back up & keep looking!

I want you to meet her in her environment, to get to know her well, to tell me what drew you to her, what have you learned about this ally on your hunt to find her,what have you learned about yourself?

I want to see what you do with her, will you gather her up & make medicine? Or will you simply be with her as you deepen a relationship? Will you do both or something different?

I want to hear your story of how far & wide you had to journey to discover her! Was she right outside your door or did you have to travel far?

Because the act of finding is a bonding thing,a reassuring thing,a way to once again prove to ourselves that we are as capable as any herbalist !