@theninthwitch 's infusion journey

This challenge is a challenge of self-care for me. As April said: "you are worth drinking 3 small cups of liquid a day!"

Am I?

I chose nettle because my adrenals are shot, my thyroid is busted, every joint in my body aches like I’ve been repeatedly hit by a truck, I’m tired too often, my nails are brittle, I get migraines, I have horrendous periods, I’ve had 3 major surgeries in 3 years, I feel angry too often, I am needed by too many, I, who was once so able to cope with vast amounts of stress, can barely handle the slightest stress anymore. 

I am only 37 and feel like my body is betraying me... or maybe I am betraying my body. I hate my job, I love my job, I want to learn something new! I want to learn something old! The old ways, wise ways, herbal ways. What if I am not good enough?


I did my research, I watched the videos, I read what my admired herbalist write about lady Nettle and felt deep down inside this is the ally I start with. 

I poured boiling water over those cut dried leaves and said a prayer of healing, screwing my eyes shut...As if an herbal infusion could take me out of myself and help me become someone I don't look down upon so much. If I place enough hope in this mason jar, if I believe enough, if I am patient and trust, will my plant allies truly help me? And I worthy to be healed by such ancient medicine?

All the above thoughts and more swirled through my mind as the nettle leaves swirled through the boiling water. As I caped tha firs jar shut a certain defiance spread through my aching body. With the 'pop' of the lid, it said; "YES Yes, you can heal. You are allowed, you have a right to heal. You have right to learn. Yes’ Yes, you can heal. You are allowed, you have a right to heal. You have right to learn. Yes’

Eight hours later I winced, preparing myself for my first sip of nettle infusion. No wince necessary, I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. Then I immediately thought I had done it wrong. Surly I would have to choke this down? How can it taste so, so, calm? If a liquid could taste of emotion, I would definitely class nettle infusion as calm. Cool and calm nettle has become a morning ritual for me for 10 days and counting. Maybe it is a placebo effect but by the second day I felt a small difference, a little more energy, a little less nerves.

Now on day 11, I feel calmer, like my frayed edges of hurt, both physical and emotional, are starting to knit shut like a broken bone healing, rough edges are becoming smooth again. my skin seems clearer, my joints ever so slightly moving with more ease. My stomach hasn't acted up in week, even my hair seems a tiny bit shinier. This is no longer a placebo effect. This is the medicine we talk of, this is the slow whole plant medicine at work. This learning. This is trusting. And yes, this is all that hope put into a mason jar! 

Every morning as I decant my nettle infusion and pour her cool calm healing into my wineglass (yup! a wineglass!) she still whispers "YES" to me. And I... I whisper back, "Thank you" because, now, now I believe, yes- I am worth drinking 3small cups of liquid a day! 




May your blessings be bright,