Winter Hearts...

🌲On the coldest of dawn you pierced my heart, much like a seasoned hunter with bow.

➳ You jolted me from a deep slumber where my mind convinced me of blood stained disparity.

🌲You burned me like a fire on the first warm night.. To hot to be near but to cold to go far.. ➳ You whisper of trusting you, but scream loudly with lies.

🌲It's all a facade that I buy over and over no matter how many years you have deceived..

➳ I let the thought of you consume me like a lover with a wondering eye.

🌲I let you cut me with coldness quickly to apologize with a warm caress.

➳ I am delusional to trust in you, but my soul has been conditioned to yearn.

🌲Dear spring I believe in you but today you are just selling lies.~©April Graham