Lunar Lunacy...

🎑Lunar rays illuminating the cold larch forest. Snow shines like ground glass some scorned woman is dreaming of feeding her lover.

➳ The great horned owls are given an edge and gorge themselves on a fair amount of fresh blood and viscera, the cracking of the bones seem to echo further under the full lunacy light..

🎑The wolves are thrown into a blood lust frenzy they bring terror to the young and old stags that once were safe in the night.

➳ Cold blows the wind on a full moons winter night so cold that it freezes us into a primal state.

🎑The dead of winter is deeply upon us the dark side of our animal nature becomes easier to allow much like the owl, the wolf and the familiar scorned lover.

➳ But that moon the damn moon she shines enough light to keep our lunacy in check and when her pull recedes the predators loose their edge...~©April Graham