Beltane Mists..

The Beltane sun singes off the morning frost that lingers from a stubborn winter.

🌲The trees release their sorrow songs of cold and blowing wind for the beauty of warm and glowing sun.

🌠In pure ecstasy their pollen bursts forth filling the warmed air with the sensual musk of life.

🌲Off in the distance the tom turkeys call out deep and meaningful with a spring lover in mind.

🌠That warm Beltane breeze trickles across the forest floor making the calypso orchids dance seductively for the newly awakened honey bee. None can resist such a sight.

🌲I breathe in deeply all of that musk in that warm breeze and hear the songs of loves intention all around and I too am stirred I too feel the frost that lingers singeing off the cold frost of winter that stubbornly clings to my bones..

🌠I too find myself singing and swaying in that warm Beltane sun..~©April Graham