My name is truth...

🌲Come with me says the deceitful spider with a grin of certainty.

➳ I will spoon feed you self worth delusions and tell you my name is truth.

🌲I have built you this delicate web to rest your weary head.

➳ In your suffering I will survive. But my dear that is the nature of all life no matter how nobel a mask you adorn.

🌲Inside we are primitive, savage, blood thirsty beasts. It is only our false comforts that let us believe otherwise.

➳ I am just here waiting for you to believe me so I may begin my feast. For my name is truth and I know how you taste.~©April Graham


The bones of a thing...

Hush whispers the forest.. Quiet your mind, breathing deeply into my still but always growing ways. Hold so still that you hear the tall red firs exhale.. Here my song of growth and decay. You may claim your heart but it is I who owns your bones. Give to me freely and I will return.. I will sustain you.. You worry of your body.. But what of your spirit that withers amongst the concrete.. I am no longer there.. I am here child..come feed your bones for me...~©April Graham


Spring Delusions...

🌻The golden hue of spring time promise is full of delusional joy. We dream on things much grander than reality after a winter darkened with the disparity.

🌱Bitter hearts that summer had abandoned. But those colors those damned colors make it easy to forget that taste.

🌻So here I am standing in the meadow where the large bull elk is soon to call into a chilling autumn breeze.

🌱I know there is often more below the surface of a thing than the golden hues that catch our eyes above.

🌻These roots run deep they hold no lies.. But damn aren't they bitter when dug to soon or even late..~©April Graham


Beltane Mists..

The Beltane sun singes off the morning frost that lingers from a stubborn winter.

🌲The trees release their sorrow songs of cold and blowing wind for the beauty of warm and glowing sun.

🌠In pure ecstasy their pollen bursts forth filling the warmed air with the sensual musk of life.

🌲Off in the distance the tom turkeys call out deep and meaningful with a spring lover in mind.

🌠That warm Beltane breeze trickles across the forest floor making the calypso orchids dance seductively for the newly awakened honey bee. None can resist such a sight.

🌲I breathe in deeply all of that musk in that warm breeze and hear the songs of loves intention all around and I too am stirred I too feel the frost that lingers singeing off the cold frost of winter that stubbornly clings to my bones..

🌠I too find myself singing and swaying in that warm Beltane sun..~©April Graham


Lunar Lunacy...

🎑Lunar rays illuminating the cold larch forest. Snow shines like ground glass some scorned woman is dreaming of feeding her lover.

➳ The great horned owls are given an edge and gorge themselves on a fair amount of fresh blood and viscera, the cracking of the bones seem to echo further under the full lunacy light..

🎑The wolves are thrown into a blood lust frenzy they bring terror to the young and old stags that once were safe in the night.

➳ Cold blows the wind on a full moons winter night so cold that it freezes us into a primal state.

🎑The dead of winter is deeply upon us the dark side of our animal nature becomes easier to allow much like the owl, the wolf and the familiar scorned lover.

➳ But that moon the damn moon she shines enough light to keep our lunacy in check and when her pull recedes the predators loose their edge...~©April Graham


February Skies...

The blue skies of February whispers of promise. She taunts us with longer days and cast shadows. Our sun starved souls give in.. Utter betrayal is there to meet us when we fall for her trap, a cold wind cuts through us stinging all that is exposed. Including our hearts that we gave to a lie of a beautifully blue February sky.~©April Graham


Winter Hearts...

🌲On the coldest of dawn you pierced my heart, much like a seasoned hunter with bow.

➳ You jolted me from a deep slumber where my mind convinced me of blood stained disparity.

🌲You burned me like a fire on the first warm night.. To hot to be near but to cold to go far.. ➳ You whisper of trusting you, but scream loudly with lies.

🌲It's all a facade that I buy over and over no matter how many years you have deceived..

➳ I let the thought of you consume me like a lover with a wondering eye.

🌲I let you cut me with coldness quickly to apologize with a warm caress.

➳ I am delusional to trust in you, but my soul has been conditioned to yearn.

🌲Dear spring I believe in you but today you are just selling lies.~©April Graham


Full Moons Request...

🎑Piercing is the full moons light she borrows from the sun. Seeing into our hidden places, uprooting all of our darkest lies.

🌲With magnetic ways she pulls at our blood the same as the tides. She asks us to look inward with a critical eye.. She asks you to scream & rage.. Sweat & bleed..

🎑Whatever it takes to clear ourselves of the shadows we let consume us.. The dark ones that withstood her light all winter..

🌲She says let go child.. Let go.. For the wheel is turning, winters song has faded.. Spring does not want you to bring your darkness along..~©April Graham