I heal you. Now you heal me.


So many of you have been so generous. So many uplifting words. So much support through the good, the bad and the even worse. Daily I am asked for my address rather it be for beautiful gifts, medicine offerings, thoughtful cards and beyond!

I do request that monetary donations be made through here on the website simply due to the fact that until we become non profit I don't want to risk having the big bad tax man kicking down my door! So I must report all donations on my taxes and to do so records of donations are vital. Also at times mail gets lost or sticky fingers open envelopes!

Also the reality is my account is growing rapidly and we live in volatile times. It only takes one person with ill intent in their heart with my physical address in hand for a bad scenario to play out. 

Thank you so very much for being here with me, for having the courage to support me even if my brutal truth filled words make you uncomfortable at times!

April Graham

PO Box 747 Milton-FreeWater, OR, 97862

Donations Of Monetary Value