I hold certain cultural beliefs in regards to leading others to their healing plant allies. Plant medicine is peoples medicine. It belongs to no one because it belongs to everyone. I must give back to my community who uplifts me. Who has in more ways than I can ever put into words saved my life. 

While I clearly do sell individual offerings of plant allies usually deeply infused in one way or another and keep my families healing recipes close to my breast, I will never charge a single cent for my knowledge if you should ask it of me.

Those that proclaim themselves healers but only do so for the sake of profit are anything but in my cultural beliefs. As my Grandmother would put "Squeezing pennies out of every word".

I do not claim the title of healer as I do not heal you. The plant nations do. I am just a simple guide along the path. I am not above you. I am here with you.

I know that many wonder how this is a sustainable model. It is because I trust in you. I trust in my community. I trust in my Creator. That I will be provided for freely as I provide for you freely. A beautiful and terrifying spiral of care concept in our current day society.

Just as I am moved to answer the individual questions you submit to me through "Ask An Herbalist" you may in turn feel moved to offer me a gift for my guidance. This is not the same concept as "payment" as it is not expected. Required. Demanded. Just as you ask questions with no obligation on my part to answer them, I reply with no expectations of reimbursement. We are simply following our hearts. 

I can tell you there are also many ways to give thanks, to uplift beyond the all mighty US currency. I am happy for you prayers, your uplifting emails have saved me in dark days, your photos sent of you working with your plant allies, you sharing the knowledge you have gained here fiercely, creations you have made with loving hands, things I may find of use, the medicine you make, songs you sing and beyond.

With that being said donations made in currency will always be received with the same level of gratitude and I can assure you they will be used fully to support my journey, my children's journey with our plant nations and giving back to you. My community.

Kindest Regards,

April G.

PO Box 747 Milton-FreeWater, OR 97862



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