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Have a question about an offering you have called home from my shop?

If so please message me from the shops contact page so I know who you are and can get your question answered quickly!

Have a question about your newsletter subscription?

This is a good place to ask a question but please provide detailed info such as the name you used when purchasing!

Want to ask me an herbal related health question?

Please go understand that I can not give medical advise though emails, I do however have an open discussion often about what I would personally do in specific situations about 2 times a month on Instagarm stories! I usually answer no less than 100 questions submitted at a time! Check out my account by clicking here.

Wanting my address to send me a gift or those postcards I love getting!?

Have a look see at this page to learn more about what getting gifts from my community means to me!

Reached out but did't get a response and it has been more than 48 hours?

Please understand I am receiving hundreds and hundreds of messages a day, truly! If I don’t reply to your message please understand that I am a human that has energy limits!

If you send kind words I am grateful for them but I view them as gifts, and it’s important to not give them with expectations of getting something in return.

If you send me an offer to join in on a project of yours I am grateful for being thought of but if I do not reply I likely don’t have the time to spare and will not reply.

If you sent me an email asking for medical advise I can’t legally reply.

If you sent me an email asking about an order I will not reply here. Please message me though my shop so I can look up your order promptly!

If you sent me a message telling me I need to change how I live, believe, and outright exist because you’re not able to accept that not everyone has to live your realty or must bend to your unasked for imposed standards please please please do not hold your breath as I will not reply!

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