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With an ever growing following on my Instagram account I am flooded with daily requests for guidance with ailments of every variety you can imagine and while I am more than happy to give safe simple guidance I am finding the need to set limits for the sake of my own well being.

But I do have a deep need to give guidance to others the best I can. So after much pondering here is what my soul says to do. Answer a handful of your questions as public blog posts here and on my YouTube channel now and then, really it will just depend on what I feel up to doing. Why only a handful? Limits.

But I feel like this will be a beautiful thing and as the postings//videos grow so will those who are helped, even those questions I may not get to as you are likely to find the answers you are looking for in previous posts//videos. That and when I answer in public I help many. So all of this rambling aside how does this work?

At the moment it's going like this:

You reach out via the contact form below with your ailments/questions being as detailed as possible.

If I decided to address your question I take the time needed to read up on what exactly you are dealing with. I post replies sporadically depending on what's all going on in real life. For example if I am in the middle of a shop update or shipping out tons of orders it may take a week or more before I have the time/energy to reply, so I ask that you please be understanding!

Do note I am not a doctor so replies//videos will be in a "what I would do//What I do" format.

My answers will be anonymous meaning I will not be sharing your name or any private details you share with me outside of medical ailments obviously. How much you share with me is up to you but do know the more you share the better and quick one sentence vague questions almost never get a reply for obvious reasons.

If I will be addressing your question I will email you letting you know so you don't have to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see if I answered you!

Are there questions I won't answer? 

Yep there sure are and the reasons vary so i'll not dig super deep into why but the following are the things I will not likely respond to:

Questions about drug interactions i.e "Can I take x herb with x medication" this is something you will need to talk with your doctor about or do sincere reading on.

Questions about how to follow the directions of another herbalists suggestion especially clinical herbalists. This is kinda akin to calling another doctor so they can answer a question for you versus calling the doctor who is already overseeing you. But if your herbalist is not willing to answer your questions about their advise given readily without having to pay them for more of their time I highly suggest you evaluate if they are the best herbalist for you.

Questions about medical procedures and if you should or should not go through with them, these are serious decisions that while I encourage you to be fully informed about what you allow to happen to your body I simply do not want you placing such a serious decision in your life upon my shoulders.

For life threatening situations or illnesses that need immediate medical care in these cases please either call your primary doctor, go to the nearest hospital or call 911 because in no way does the information I share here make a substitute for urgent medical care!

Question asked on other peoples behalf because if they are not willing to ask me the question themselves not only will I not likely get the whole picture needed to fully answer they will not likely be willing to listen to much of what I have to say. Of course if you are asking on behalf of your young child that is an entirely different matter!

Before submitting a question please take time to scroll though questions I have already answered HERE to see if I have already addressed your question or one similar in nature as you might find the info you're wanting there!

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